IMUNA – NHSMUN 2018: Disappointing experience

My name is Jason and I am my school’s U.S. history teacher and model UN faculty advisor. After participating in the National High School Model United Nations for over 6 years, I am really thinking about considering other options. Compared to previous versions NHSMIN 2018 was a completely different story: the GA was half empty and the logistics were awful the me and my students had to wait two hours to get inside the UN and half past one in the morning! I was standing in line from the hour! I understand that security rules must be complied with when entering the UN headquarters, but it could have been handled better.

In the end, we spent more time waiting outside than inside the GA Hall. Moreover, they claim that “the world’s largest model UN conference, attended by hundreds of schools and thousands of delegates around the world”, when the conference held at the same time on Saturday had twice as many delegates, and my students and I spent that time, instead of 30 minutes for the whole day. I did the UN committee. When it came to the issue of internationalism, there were basically a few Italians who were American Americans who could not even speak English and cut down on work on the committee.

Now let’s talk about fees. Although I understand that there is a lot of cost behind this type of conference, with a little research you will find that there are conferences that charge as little as 30 for GSMUN, or offer housing financial support like FWWMUN with over 1500 scholarships. .

Not to mention the unreasonable and unneeded accommodation rates offered by IMUNNA (একই 250 tax is available on in the same room) and a reasonable penalty fee if you want to stay in another hotel, without allowing participants to choose a cheaper option. IMUNA pretends to be a non-profit organization, but obviously dear Max and Hannah Ross are becoming millionaires on our shoulders.

All in all, NHSmun-Emuna does not reflect the values ​​they advertise, they are profit seekers and there are better and more affordable options in NYC that I strongly encourage you to consider and explore. Continue the moon and see you at the next conference worldwide!