Where to find the best hotel accommodation online

Going for a walk? There are many things to consider when booking a hotel stay. The actual location of the hotel, its accessibility to the public, the proximity of the sites you want to visit, hotel reviews also play a big factor and of course the cost.

Thanks, nowadays everything is accessible through internet. We have compiled a list of online travel agencies providing accommodation at different price points. So whether you’re a backpacker or a leisure traveler, we’ve got you covered!

1. has been ranked number one among the world’s top online travel agencies since 2014 (according to Schift). They offer a wide variety of accommodation from high-end hotels, hostels, apartments and rooms. Customer ratings are displayed on the site and you can find hotel accommodations depending on your budget, with most offers offering free cancellations.


Launched in 1999, Expedia recently bought Orbitz, another online travel agency. Hotel booking is a part of Expedia’s business, as they book airline tickets, cruises and even vehicle fares. You can earn ‘Reward Points’ by getting Expedia + card. There are regular secret deals for them and coupons for discounts a


The only online travel agency based in Asia (Singapore) that became a part of one of the top online agencies in the world. has gradually increased their clientele by providing “best price guarantee” in their rooms as well as “flash sales” in particular. The hotel accommodation includes luxury hotels, inns, beds and from breakfast to the resort.


While is initially a review site, they also offer hotel booking options. Schiffett is currently the top site on the list of the world’s top online travel agencies. The great thing about this is that you can see different housing deals at the same price and compare prices with any other site. Usually, prices are discounted, so you get a better deal. Also, user generated reviews are very useful.


You can book hotel stays at for over 325,000 hotels worldwide. Bed and breakfast, INS and even some condos are included in the list. They have a great deal for long stay guests called ‘ Rewards’. Guests receive a discount on their next booking for a stay of at least 10 nights.


For those looking for comfortable bed and breakfast attractions, is a popular site that has been around for over 20 years. The site offers hot deals and there is a special area for Diamond Collection Inns featuring luxurious beds and breakfast accommodations.


Mentioning ‘great business in hostels everywhere’, the site has 33,000 hostel vents and you will receive virtually no booking fees if you sign up for their SmartSabs subscription. Ideal for budget, this site has many choices.