Want to invest? Think about the way Bitcoin


What is Bitcoin?

If you are here, I have heard of Bitcoin. In the past year or so, it has been one of the biggest news headlines – as a plan to get rich quickly, the end of finance, the birth of a truly international currency, the end of the world or the world of technological advancement. But what is bitcoin?

In short, you can say that Bitcoin is the first decentralized monetary system for online trading, but a more in-depth study of it might be useful.

In general, we all know what "money" is and what it does. Before the advent of Bitcoin, the most obvious problem with currency use involved that it was centralized and controlled by a single entity [ie, a centralized banking system]. Bitcoin was invented in 2008/2009 by an unknown creator named after the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, which aims to bring decentralization to the currency on a global scale. The idea is that the currency can be traded internationally without any difficulty, without any costs, the checks and balances will be global [not just on private companies or government books], and the currency will become More democratic and equal access to all.

How did Bitcoin start?

The concept of Bitcoin and, in general, cryptocurrency was proposed by an unknown researcher, Satoshi, in 2009. The purpose of its invention was to solve the problem of centralized use of money relying on banks and computers, which many computer scientists are not satisfied with. It has been trying to achieve decentralization since the late 1990s, but it has not been successful, so when Satoshi published a paper on providing solutions in 2008, it was greatly welcomed. Today, Bitcoin has become a familiar currency for Internet users and has produced thousands of “altcoins” [non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies].

How is Bitcoin made?

Bitcoin is made through a process called mining. Just like making money from printing and mining gold from the ground, Bitcoin is also created by “mining”. Mining involves solving a complex mathematical problem with a block using a computer and adding it to a public ledger. In the beginning, only a simple CPU [such as a CPU in a home computer] can be mined, but the difficulty is greatly improved. Now you will need dedicated hardware [including high-end graphics processing unit [GPU]] for mining. Extract bitcoin.

How can I invest?

First, you must open an account on the trading platform and create a wallet. You can find some examples by searching for "bitcoin trading platform" on Google – their names usually refer to "coins" or "markets." After joining one of these platforms, you click on the asset and then click Encrypt to select the currency you want. There are many very important indicators on each platform, so you should watch them before investing.

Just buy and hold

While mining is the most reliable and easiest way to earn bitcoin, the work involved is too cumbersome, and the cost of electricity and dedicated computer hardware makes most of us unable to use Bitcoin. To avoid these problems, please feel free to enter the required amount directly from the bank, then click on “Buy” and then sit back and observe if your investment has increased according to price changes. This is called exchange, a trading platform that is available today in many transactions, and can be executed between many different legal currencies [US dollars, Australian dollars, British pounds, etc.] and different cryptocurrencies [Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.] transaction.

Trading bitcoin

If you are familiar with stocks, bonds or forex exchanges, then you will easily understand encrypted transactions. There are bitcoin brokers like e-social trading, FXTMmarkets.com, and many other brokers to choose from. The platform provides you with Bitcoin legal currency or legal Bitcoin currency pairs. For example, BTC-USD means that Bitcoin is traded in US dollars. Keep an eye on price changes to find the right currency pair based on price changes; the platform offers prices and other metrics to give you the right trading tips.

Bitcoin as a stock

There are also organizations that allow you to buy shares in companies that invest in Bitcoin – these companies trade back and forth, you only invest in them, and then wait for monthly earnings. These companies simply bring together digital currencies from different investors and invest on their behalf.

Why invest in Bitcoin?

As you can see, investing in Bitcoin requires you to have a basic knowledge of a certain currency, as described above. Like all investments, it also involves risk! The question of whether or not to invest depends entirely on the individual. However, if I make a suggestion, I recommend investing in Bitcoin on the grounds that Bitcoin continues to grow – despite an important boom and bust period, the entire cryptocurrency is likely to continue its value growth over the next 10 years. Bitcoin is the largest and most widely known of all current cryptocurrencies, so it is a good starting point and the safest choice at the moment. Despite the large fluctuations in the short term, I suspect that you will find Bitcoin transactions more profitable than most other companies.


Fap Turbo Review – Can robots trade?


Since 2004, I have been engaged in foreign exchange trading. If I find one thing, it is that technical analysis is a bad consultant. Although it can detect trends, fundamentals play the most important role. That is, for example, if all of your metrics tell you that the trend is bullish, then a Fed's decision can immediately reverse it. That's why you have to keep a close eye on the news and understand the meaning of those news.

Although you can learn these things, can robots learn? Can the robot see the news and understand what the Fed is saying? Unless it's a super-high-level AI machine of some Android type, it won't. There is also no automatic forex trading system [also known as Forex Robot] [such as Fap Turbo].

Having said that, our technology is advanced enough that the use of neural networks takes Forex robots to a whole new level, and the cost of these systems is high. Can a system that costs hundreds of dollars compete? No, not very likely.

You'll read a big story about crazy ROI on the Fap Turbo website, such as a 100% monthly investment [which actually means double your investment]. However, the best situation is optimistic. This is not to say that you are not profitable.

Traders are lazy people, and if they don't, they won't be traders. That's why some of them have invested heavily in creating systems like Fap Turbo to do all the work for them. Some are successful, some are not.

I must admit that Fap Turbo left a deep impression on me. Not only because it sells 1,000 copies a day, but also because of its outstanding performance. This is the best system I have ever had. Most of them have almost no balance.


Encryption trend 2017-01


Everyone has heard of how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies made millionaires a purchaser a year ago. Not only is it possible to get a gain of 1,000% or more, and in many of these cryptocurrencies, the benefits are already very common. If someone buys Bitcoin for less than $500 in May 2016, he will earn 1400% in about 17 months. Then in the past few days, we have seen Bitcoin lose nearly $1,000, so it is an understatement to say that these cryptocurrencies are volatile.

Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2008, we have been skeptical about the viability of cryptocurrencies in trend news because they pose a very obvious threat to governments that want to view all transactions and tax them. However, although we may be cautious about the actual cryptocurrency, we are very aware of the potential of supporting the underlying technologies of these e-currencies. In fact, we believe that this technology will greatly undermine the way data is managed and will affect all areas of the global economy, just as how the Internet affects the media.

Here are some questions and answers to help us get started…

Q: What is cryptocurrency?

The most famous cryptocurrency [CC] is bitcoin. It was the first CC and started in 2008. Today, there are more than 800 CCs such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Monero, etc., all of which are “virtual”. There are no "physical" coins or currencies.

Q: How does CC work?

CC is a virtual currency that exists in a very large distributed database. These databases use the BLOCKCHAIN ​​technique. Because each blockchain database is widely distributed, it is considered to be free from hacking because there are no centralized attack points and each transaction is visible to everyone on the network. Each CC has a set of administrators who verify transactions, often referred to as "miners." A CC called Ethereum uses a "smart contract" to verify the transaction. Encryption trends will provide more details in upcoming news publications.

Q: What is a blockchain?

Blockchain is the technology that supports all CCs. Each transaction that purchases, sells, or exchanges a CC enters a BLOCK that is added to the chain. The technology is very complex and will not be repeated here, but it has the potential to revolutionize the financial services industry because transactions can be executed quickly and easily, thereby reducing or eliminating costs. The technology is also being studied in many other industries.

Q: Is the CC exchange regulated by the government?

In most cases, the answer is no. For some users, this is a big attraction for the market. It is now "wild west", but most developed countries' governments are studying this market to decide which regulations may be needed. A major decision is whether to consider the CC as a currency or a commodity/securities. To date, Canada and the United States have declared the legitimacy of the CC, but the situation in reporting and taxation remains unstable. Encryption trends will focus on and report on these developments.

Q: How do I invest in this market?

You can purchase, sell and exchange CCs using a special "exchange" service that acts as a broker. First, select an exchange, set up an account, and transfer the legal currency to your account. You can then place an order and purchase a CC. There are many exchanges around the world. Opening an account is very simple, and these exchanges have their own rules for initial funding and withdrawals.

Encryption trend from

 CC Exchange will be recommended in the future.

Q: Where is my CC stored?

In order to be able to move the cryptocurrency freely and pay the bill, you will need a digital wallet. These wallets come in several formats, such as desktops, cloud-based, hardware [USB], mobile phones and paper. Many of them are free, but security is an important factor because no one wants to lose their wallet or be stolen. Encryption trends will recommend digital wallets in the future.

Q: How do I use CC?

In addition to investing in CC products, you can also use cryptocurrencies for certain financial transactions, such as remittances and payment bills. The list of companies accepting cryptocurrencies has grown rapidly, including Microsoft, GAP, JC Penny, Expedia, Shopify, Bloomberg.com, Dish Network, Zynga, Subway and WordPress.

Q: What is the next step?

In the beginning, we will make each Crypto TREND article short and narrow as much as possible. As mentioned earlier, we believe that cryptocurrency technology will change the rules of the game, and such potential investment opportunities will occur once or twice in a lifetime. There is no doubt that early investment in the industry will only be used for your most speculative funds, and you can afford the money you lose.

Even if you don't want to invest at this time, an early understanding of this new disruptive technology will put you in a good position to benefit from our advice as we move forward.

As we begin the first step of this journey, we hope to get more news and specific advice from Crypto TREND. This is a turbulent market that may not appeal to all investors, but if it is ready, Crypto TREND will be your guide.

stay tuned!


Forex Trading Strategy – Develop a strategy to achieve triple-digit returns


In this article, we will focus on developing a forex trading strategy that can help you get a lot of money in global money market transactions. Anyone can learn the basics of a successful transaction, so let's take a look at the forex trading strategy that will make you profitable and lead you to success.

The first thing to remember is which kind of businessman are you?

Do you like to trade or be patient and want long-term trading. If you like this, you should swing your trade and trade moves for a few days into a week, and if you are more patient, focus on long-term deals that can last for weeks or months. You can use any method to make money, and one method of choice will only reflect your personality. You will notice that I did not mention that day trading is a way to make money, because – it can't make money! You make a day trade, only trading the noise of the market, if you do, you are destined to lose.

Now let us look at the principles that make the strategy a success.

The first thing to remember is to keep the strategy simple and based on transaction price behavior. You don't need to read the news or listen to other traders' opinions, just trade the trend on the chart. Simple strategies can make money without complicating your strategy. All the best traders use simple trading strategies, and if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you.

Your strategy should have objective entry and exit points and should be confirmed by price action! Don't do what most loss traders have to do, trying to guess where the market might go, just follow the confirmation.

There are many different ways to make a profit in foreign exchange trading, but the way to lose money is to let the loss continue. Getting the loss out of control is the most common cause of trader losses. Once you have entered your position, you should set your stop loss immediately and you should be concerned about a return risk of at least 3:1.

The strategy should have consistent rules for trading all currencies in the same way and should be traded in the same way in all types of markets.

Developing a simple, profitable strategy is something anyone can do after a few weeks of learning. However, you must make your own strategy to make money, which means disciplined trading, keeping losses to a low level, and not trying to deviate from strategy or go beyond trading signals. You need to remember – most traders can't follow a fixed set of policy rules, but anyway if you deviate from the rule set, you won't have a strategy.

So here are some simple tips on how to design your own Forex trading strategy to be successful. If you follow the above tips, you will soon earn a substantial profit within an hour of the day and bring you a second, substantial income.


Places To Do And Facts To Know About Plastic Surgery Removal


In April 2005, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released a report that clearly contradicted traveling abroad for surgery. Without doing proper research, one would conclude that traveling abroad for plastic surgery is a bad choice. Perhaps ASPS statements only provide information that could potentially weigh the risk or cost savings of treatment. Below is context from the report article.

"Cosmetic surgery tourism is a price phenomenon that has seen increased growth over the past decade. Many companies, which include all kinds of holiday packages that include cosmetic surgery, are appearing around the world and can be easily found on the internet. Offers generally include private hospitals services and all "highly trained" and "accredited" physicians. Because cosmetic surgery procedures are not covered by insurance, price is the primary selling point of cosmetic surgery tourism, with total vacation / surgical packages costing less than individual procedures in the United States. "

The context is clearly true, but ASPS has strongly opposed cosmetic surgery being a price phenomenon. Members of society are working to resolve the cost crisis of their medical procedures. Their goal is to invent lower cost and less invasive techniques, yet American cosmetic surgeons are unable to compete on price with their counterparts in Central and South America and Asia.

ASPS also encourages potential complications, unsatisfactory outcomes and general health risks that could occur. The society warns that it may be difficult to assess the training and accreditation of surgeons outside the United States. Patients can take unnecessary risks by choosing cosmetic surgery vacations, inadvertently selecting unqualified physicians and having procedures performed in non-recognized surgical facilities.

According to Jeff Schult in his book Beauty from Afar, "A patient who has done enough research will most likely end up in such a position, but one should be mentally prepared not to undergo surgery if serious doubts develop, even if it means cutting your losses at the expense of traveling there."

Advise patients to consult their personal physician first before going abroad for plastic surgery. Extensive research followed by personal advice from other patients who have undergone medical treatment abroad is also to be done. Patients should use the internet and search for medical sites that offer their surgeon's profile. Most medical tourism agencies provide a page for their surgeons for patients to view and check by chat, email or voice call. Also look for providers that offer clinics that have high standard surgical equipment and facilities. This way patients can be relaxed with the result of their surgery.

Which country offers the surgery I need?

Argentina – For plastic surgery, Argentina is one of the best options. Plastic surgery in Argentina has recently increased in demand in recent years. Tourist numbers have increased by about 10% per year since 2003, and Argentina has become especially popular with British visitors. The number of UK tourists rose by more than a quarter (27%) last year, with an increasing number of Britons coming for plastic surgery in Argentina. The surgeons' clinics in Buenos Aires began filling up with foreigners shortly after the economy implanted and the currency declined in 2002. As a result, plastic surgery in Argentina costs about a third of UK prices.

Mexico – Among the border countries, plastic surgery in Mexico is definitely a solid choice for patients who are looking for a cheap but high quality income. According to the U.S. Department of State, more than 15 million U.S. citizens go south of the border each year to get quality, low-cost plastic surgery in Mexico. Mexican surgeons have their own English websites, where they publish their credentials, years of training and recognition. Another major benefit of plastic surgery in Mexico is proximity. With just a few hours of travel, American patients can get quality service from Mexican surgeons.

Costa Rica – With medical communities involved in the medical tourism business since the 1970s, any patient seeking affordable plastic surgery in Costa Rica gives positive testimony to the country's expertise in medicine. Prospective patients who yearn for affordable plastic surgery in Costa Rica are convinced by word of mouth of former patients who have undergone their medical procedures in the country. Plastic surgery in Costa Rica attracts patients for its price, but patients return again because of its quality.

Brazil – Among the countries that are rapidly maturing in the medical tourism business, Brazil has the most potential. Brazil is not the place for unqualified doctors, the country is firm with a reputation of its surgeons. The quality of plastic surgery in Brazil is perfect for the average North American or European who wants quality treatment procedures at a lower price than what is offered locally. Plastic surgery in Brazil is one of the most considerable options for performing aesthetic arts.


Is the automated forex trading system really effective?


With the increasing popularity of foreign exchange trading, more and more traders are beginning to show interest in the field. With the advent of automated foreign exchange trading systems, foreign exchange trading has reached a high level.

Can these automated robots meet their expectations? Is the automated forex trading system really effective? As long as you have a basic understanding of the Forex trading system, the answer to all these questions is yes.

This is a brief introduction to how these automated systems can help people make money from trading.

No wonder Forex trading is profitable for many traders. But the shocking news is that only 5% of traders have made considerable profits from their transactions. Miscalculations of market trends and poor strategies are the main reasons for people's losses in this area.

In order to help people in this area, an automated foreign exchange trading system is available on the market. These systems, also known as Forex Robots, harness the power of the Internet and the knowledge of experts to help you with Forex trading.

These systems are smart enough to guide you on the right path. These systems work 24*7 and are also able to analyze currencies in different countries and different time zones.

These robots are designed to operate without your hassle. Therefore, please buy a Forex robot as soon as possible and start to profit from the transaction.


Dollar Car Rental Review – Learn About the Company, Its Residential Options, and Services


If you read Dollar car rental reviews, you will find that many customers praise the company for its helpful customer service, cleanliness of the vehicle and overall value for money. The foundation of the company is based on a philosophy of providing excellent customer service and maintaining a fine fleet of clean, quality rental vehicles.

There are rental facilities located at airports and suburban locations in nearly 600 locations worldwide, including more than 250 in the United States and Canada alone. Dollar Rent A Car has grown steadily since its founding in 1965. As one of the largest car rental companies in the world, it has offices in 60+ countries.

Dollar offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from in its vast fleet. If you are traveling alone or with one or two people, consider renting a cheap or sporty car. If you need to host a large group, be it the family or several co-workers, medium-sized trucks and spacious SUVs are available. Choose the vehicle that suits your style, needs and budget.

How does the gas policy work? Unless you choose the prepaid fuel, you will need to refill the tank within a ten-mile radius of the drop-off location when your lease ends. With regard to one-way rentals, the policy and terms vary depending on the location and availability of the vehicles. In most cases, a one-way fee will apply.

Security Features Available At Dollar Car Rental

The vehicles have many safety features, some of which are optional. All Emergency carriers offered by Dollar car rental are equipped with driver-side airbags, and the vast majority also have passenger-side airbags, airbags, airbags, and airbags. All dollar rental sites offer child safety seats for babies and young people. Some models of Dodge caravans come with built-in child seats. It's easy to ask for any security features you need – just contact the rental facility ahead of time.

The Dollar 4Business program offers full services for small and medium-sized businesses. If you plan on doing a lot of long-term business travel, you might be interested in the multi-year rental service that includes services and savings for any business traveler who needs to rent a vehicle from two months to eleven months old. .

It is recommended that you make your reservation with a dollar car rental in advance. Sometimes it is better and cheaper to go through a travel agency website instead of renting directly from a Dollar – especially if you are looking for savings on hotel room and airfare. You could possibly find a good deal on all kinds of holiday packages.

If you are looking for the cheapest travel rates possible, the best place to start is with online discount codes. You can easily find offers for Dollar car rental as well as other rental companies and travel related services.


Benefits of using automated forex trading


The use of robots or automated systems for foreign exchange trading has great benefits. It cuts off all the struggles and pressures of human beings and does things that humans cannot do. The newly developed software has been computerized to identify trading signals and financial news. The main goal of the program is to identify and trade profitable currency pairs.

Anyone using this trading system can personally define their own standards. The robot is able to properly check all the predetermined parameters and ensure that the conditions are met before the transaction is made. Once the conditions are met, the robot will buy and sell correctly.

This is the three main advantages of using an automated or automated system:

1. There is no problem with the transaction

Contrary to human struggle, stress and feeling, the system works well. After defining the parameters, you don't have to worry about anything. It decides to trade on its own without human intervention.

2. Replace part-time traders

The part-time user of the automated system does not have to be present in order to analyze the market before trading. Once the robot is turned on, it trades and identifies good trading opportunities.

3. 24/7 trading

The automated system is great for forex trading at any time of the day without manual supervision, intervention and other measures.

  There are many automated systems where users can choose one of them based on their simplicity, speed and effectiveness. Some of these automation systems are characterized by:

1. Remote access capability

  2. Virtual secret staff working at the table escrow office

  3. Real-time monitoring

  4. Report creation.

In the introduction we have seen the advantages or benefits of using automated systems in forex trading. For every trader, this is a great opportunity to invest and earn a good return without fear.


What Is An All Inclusive Holiday Resort?


You've seen the advertisements for Sandal Resort targeted at singles and young couples, where everything is included in the price of the vacation as well as a cruise, but did you know that this is also a popular option for families?

Most of the family-friendly resorts are located in the Caribbean or Mexico due to the climate and access to beautiful beaches. These luxury resorts are family oriented with many activities planned for young and old and include all accommodation and meals.

Here are some things you can expect to find at these family resorts:

Specialty programs for children –

From child care to the most demanding of young people, most resorts will have multiple software programs suitable for any elderly child. These programs are usually exclusively for the kids, so adults will just have to find something else to do like diving or going to bed at the pool.

Variety of water sports –

Water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing, sailing and snorkeling are usually available and for the more adventurous (and older) parachuting is always a fun option.

Scheduled family activity –

What vacation would be complete without something to do for the whole family? Celebrity hunters and themed beach parties are just a few things you can look forward to. And don't be surprised if you find your family participating in Family Talent Night. Of course, there are also many after-hours activities for the adults to make them happy as well.

Featured Meals –

From gourmet dining to a quick snack next to the pool a family-friendly resort will have something for the most select eateries. If you've ever traveled, you know what I mean, and you certainly won't go hungry on your vacation. As a cruise, you can expect to add a few pounds to your waist while you're away, if you're not careful.

Probably the best thing about an all-inclusive family vacation is all paid in advance so you and your family don't have to worry about money and can relax and enjoy being pampered knowing exactly what your vacation costs before you even go.

There are many resorts to choose from, and they vary in price depending on the time and place of the year, so to save money, you may want to consider off-season visits. This is also a good way to avoid the crowds and can give your resort that slightly extra exclusive feel.

If you have never experienced an all-around family vacation, you owe it to yourself to catch a glimpse before the children return to vacation with elderly mothers.


Secrets of Currency Trading System Development – Part 1


Many traders fantasize about capturing every tortuous trading system or technical indicator in the market. A very fascinating idea, but unfortunately a bearer of bad news, this is not the case. from

 Please don't shoot the messenger!

Although the entire Internet has been marketing, there are no systems or indicators that can do it all.

Have you ever tried to trim a car? Well, if you do this, you definitely won't be using just one tool. Depending on the car, a lot of special tools are needed to get the job done. Not only that, but you also need to know how to use the tools and when to use them.

Trying to withdraw profits from any market on a regular basis is the same way. It requires a lot of professional tools, and for most traders, technical analysis provides a combination of our tools.

Since the market can be twisted at any time, we need a "Transaction Toolbox" Full of technical analysis tools.

For example, when the market is in the trading range, from

Oscillation index from


However, when the market trend is strong, the oscillator is not worth a bunch of beans. When market trends develop, the moving average is one of the “tools of choice”.

Back to the car analogy… When the car is not working properly, the mechanic will pop it up to the diagnostic machine, and the diagnostic opportunity quickly tells them where the problem is. Then, just select the right tools and parts for your situation.

In trading, the most important thing is that if you can't diagnose the current market, you may be under-prepared and lose money.

In this article, I will share a strategy that will help you get a better reading [diagnosis] in the market. This, in turn, will ensure that you use the right trading system and technical analysis tools to get the job done.

System development technology 1

You need to find the market or timeframe that best suits your trading system.

Let us take my "trade secret" program as an example. In this program, I want to see specific candlestick patterns, random indicators and a series of chart forms. This creates a unique system that can help me leverage a large number of transactions in all markets, including Forex, Futures and Stocks.

Even if I can use the program to find countless transactions, it doesn't mean it works fine in all situations. Let me explain…

It can be said that I want to trade stocks on the same day. I might take a look at Microsoft's 15-minute chart and notice not many The situation in which my system was built. By simply switching to 5, 10 or 30 minutes, I might find some nice settings. However, if for some reason Microsoft doesn't seem to bring a declining volume to my system, then I will only look at other stocks to get more opportunities.

Let us look at an example of a forex trade. Suppose you have a strategy that looks promising. You will need to traverse many currency pairs to see which currency pair contains the most settings specified by your trading method.

Let us look at an example again. Suppose you are a position trader and use a daily chart. If you can't find a lot of deal settings, you might suddenly find all of their supplies by looking at the 2 day or weekly chart. You may even want to jump to the 4 hour chart to get a different perspective.

After finding a good candidate, you need to continue…

System development technology 2

Prepare a large number of valid transaction settings for your system Only half of the equation.

You need to trade the market that has been followed! from

   In other words, once your entry is triggered, they will start moving in the right direction with great momentum. I am not stressed enough about this. momentum What is the money deposited into your account. Without it, you will earn meager profits and be whipped in a volatile market environment.

Transactions with large momentum will show price bars, which are mostly at higher highs and lower lows in the uptrend. In the downtrend, you will mostly have lower highs and lower lows.

In a strong upward trend, gold bars will also tend to Upper third Their range. In a strong downtrend, most of them will Lower third Range of articles.

When I look at my candlestick chart, I will also want to see the green candle show an upward trend, while a large number of red candles are on the decline.

So put all of this together…

step 1: from

  First find a suitable time frame with enough trading settings based on your strategy

Step 2: from

 Make sure that when you trigger a trade, you will see signs of strong momentum and follow

If you don't see signs of strong momentum, chances are that the market will fluctuate and you want to avoid disasters like the plague because they are harder to make money. A volatile market will also give you more opportunities to be eliminated.

By performing the above steps, you will end up with a handful of "Cream of Crops" stocks, currencies, etc. In this way, you will focus all your energy on the market, which will give you the greatest chance of success.

One last thing to note… The market is changing, so you need to constantly evaluate whether your favorite stocks, currencies, and commodities are still operating in the same way. If not, then you need to find a better time limit or enter a new market.