What is Monroe?

Monroe is an open source cryptocurrency project that is more secure and private than most virtual currencies. It is designed to give everyone the power to control their finances without the supervision of governments and financial institutions. The encryption technology used ensures that spies know zero about your transactions.

Who created the Monroe coin?

Monroe is primarily a community project and there are no individuals behind it. More than 240 answers, including developers and marketers, come together to infuse them. However, there are about 30 developers known. Anyone can contribute to this network by donating their skills or funds.

Monroe has no base in any country. Therefore, it can be difficult to shut it down or restrict it from running in a certain country. However, you should be unsure about this because China and South Korea have proven that any cryptocurrency can be dissolved in certain jurisdictions. China officially banned ICO operations a few months ago.

Monroe safety function

There is no doubt that the Monero blockchain is one of the safest trading venues. The Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains are transparent, so anyone can verify the authenticity of the transaction. This means that anyone with superb computing skills and resources can easily decode the user's real-world identity. This is very offensive because it violates the main principles behind the decentralized project – confusing the user's details.

Monroe's encryption technology mystifies user data, making data sniffers unable to get anything. The two main security protocols used are ring signatures and stealth addresses. The former confuses all addresses on the network, making it difficult for external observers to link a single address to an account.

The latter refers to the condition that the address is used only for a single transaction. Two or more transfers cannot have a single address. The address used is not trackable and a new address will be created during the next transaction. In short, all details related to the sender, recipient and transfer amount are not subject to review. However, this network is not completely "off" because individuals can choose who can see their transactions.

Monroe's advantages

• private, safe and not traceable

  • Scalable, no blockchain restrictions

  • Strong and capable team

  •broadly used

  • Develop a plan to motivate miners to maintain blockchains, even if they are under-supplied

  • Transparent – you can choose to view traders

The shortcomings of Monroe

• Very low concentration

  • Not yet widely adopted

The future of Monroe

Decentralized technology is currently being heavily hyped, which just means widespread recognition. With the widespread adoption of this technology and the government's attempts to limit user usage, investors will need more private cryptocurrencies, which may make Monero the first choice. This currency is certainly worth a try.

Use the signal to trade GBP/USD

If you have ever traded GBP / USD, or are considering trading, then you need to look at The Signals Machine. Tal Herman, the founder of the signal machine, did not try to chase each currency pair and blow up his account, but instead decided to focus on a pair of currency pairs, the pound/dollar.

Why choose GBP/USD?

The three main reasons he chose this pair of clothes are:

  1. Liquidity – This pair of currencies is easy to get in and out when you need or need it.
  2. Active – GBP/USD is very active, which means there is no shortage of trade opportunities, and
  3. Predictable – because GBP/USD is the main currency pair, Tal and his team are very good at reading the currency pair.

If you want to earn a steady profit, these three things make GBP / USD a good choice.

Focus on three trading strategies:

  1. Extreme breakthroughs – to take advantage of the ever-changing market period,
  2. Security reversal point – short-term to medium-term strategy predicts direction based on its specific combination of indicators,
  3. Trend Correction Breakthrough – their most consistent strategy. When used correctly, you can see thousands of points on a regular basis. This is the winner of the “Best Profitable Strategy 2009” award in the GBP/USD currency pair.

How does it work?

First, you get voice, email and visual alerts as well as one-click trading messages. Click “Yes”, the signal will automatically release the market order or pending order according to market conditions. Once the transaction is executed, it will also be automatically managed based on customizable preset parameters. Similarly, the trigger signal strategy, entry price, profit and stop loss are displayed on the chart.

What if the major news event took me out of the transaction?

The signal protection function is built into the signal. You will receive a stop trading alert based on the impact of upcoming news. Now you can decide to quit the transaction or participate in a news event. If you are not in a transaction when a news alert appears, don't worry about exiting.

Currency strength meter

The Signals Machine also comes with a built-in monetary strength meter that analyzes the strength of the GBP / USD pair. If the meter determines that the currency pair is strong, it will issue a trading signal. Conversely, if it is determined that the current movement is weak, no signal is generated. This is a good choice that I also want to match with other pairs.

Voice notification system

The signal also has a built-in voice notification system. If you happen to be drinking coffee or doing other business, you won't miss any chance. Some of these notifications include:

  1. Buy signal – very simple
  2. Sell ​​signal
  3. A signal that may be sent within 15 minutes, waiting for the column to close, and
  4. Scanning transaction

And other notifications, depending on market conditions.

5 Forex trading tips you should know in 2019

This article will provide you with some fresh forex trading tips. You will receive 5 tips that may help you become a trader in 2019. If you are a new trader, this area may make you feel overwhelmed. After all, not knowing the rules doesn't help you succeed. The good news is that our skills are aimed at beginners. So if you have just started, please check the tis given below.

1. Go with a wise broker

First, make sure you work with the right broker. An easy way to do this is to read the comments and consider other people's suggestions. Also, make sure you choose the right person for your personality and trustworthy. Remember, there are a lot of fake professional players out there. Ideally, you might want to choose a licensed broker.

2. Develop your own strategy

No matter how much forex trading skills you have, if you don't have a solid strategy, you will have nowhere to go. In fact, not making a strategy is one of the most common mistakes most beginners make.

All you have to do is determine the goal. There is a clear goal to help you throughout your journey.

3. Step by step learning

Just like in other areas, transactions require you to step through until you understand the expertise of the business. What you need to do is invest a small amount and then observe the progress. It is a bad idea to invest huge sums of money from the beginning.

4. Control emotions

Make sure you are not confused by your emotions. Sometimes this can be really hard, especially after you have suffered a loss. However, if you control your emotions, you can make the right choice.

Emotional excitement increases the risk of making the wrong decision. Therefore, we recommend that you learn to control your emotions.

5. Don't let the pressure take over you

Just like emotions, stress can cause you difficulties. In other words, if you are under a lot of pressure, you may end up making unreasonable decisions, which can cost a lot of money. Therefore, we recommend that you identify the cause of the stress. Once you have identified the sources, be sure to try to eliminate them.

When you are under stress, take a deep breath and pay attention to other matters. As time goes by, you will learn the art of controlling stress. Listen to your thoughts and find the one that works best for you.

To make a long story short, you may not want to let this deal scare you. No matter what, you don't want to give up. You may want to remember that the success of forex trading depends on your preparation and determination. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you must learn to discipline. Hopefully these tips will help you prepare and get the best results.

4x and Forex Signal Service

Forex trading is a great way to make money quickly. Do you have to know all the information about the market before you start making money? No, you really don't.

Although the market may be attractive, the direction of the foreign exchange industry is unfavorable. Many foreign exchange services, whether brokers, signal providers, or just general foreign exchange websites, market in a completely ineffective manner and prevent themselves from making any profits, or at least not earning the profits they should have.

Too many people have a negative impression of the foreign exchange industry and associate it with a dark market, rather than a serious global market that should be compared to it. If someone is responsible for this, it is the foreign exchange trader himself.

Before discussing some of the steps that foreign exchange companies should take, let's check what the Forex company is doing wrong. If you look at a general broker or service provider on the Forex market, you will usually find one thing. They are all committed to achieving large-scale results immediately. Of course, this is wrong and will mislead people and eventually bring bad reputation to the foreign exchange industry.

Forex is not a magical solution. Generally speaking, no one has become the next night's Bill Gates by trading forex. Yes, this is the biggest market, yes, the Forex market has $3-4 trillion in transactions every day, but if you are not ready to enter, you will almost certainly not see any of them. Learn the market, study charts, learn about financial news, and pay attention to experts and forex signal services. These are just some of the basic advice I will give to newbies.

The seven major sins of forex traders – and how to avoid them

let's start. You may have performed one or more of the following transaction violations.

1. Uninterrupted trading and profit

– Many Forex traders recommend using a psychological stop loss. But how many of you actually follow the stop loss? When the price rises, are you willing to close the position, or do you want the price to fall back to benefit you?

Never trade without a stop loss.

2. Master fund management

– Almost every trader I encounter has a stop loss that is much larger than the target profit target. I have learned [and found that] a 1:1 [or higher] risk/reward ratio is actually possible. You only need to win more than half of the transactions, you can still make money. The thing to grasp is to find the systems, strategies or signals that can be done.

3. Trading before, during or after a major news event

– The liquidity around news events is very unstable. Although sometimes you will be lucky and earn hundreds of points, you will often find yourself on the wrong side of the transaction, or worse, called a margin.

My tip: I have learned not to trade in the 30 minutes before or after the news event… this is the safest way to protect your money…

4. Trading weekend

– Have you ever traded on Friday and got into trouble on weekends? Then, on Sunday, when the market reopens, do you notice that the transaction turns into a bad omen, causing you to suffer huge losses, or in the worst case, to get a deposit? My tip: Don't trade on Friday!

My tip: If you are a day trader, be sure to close all positions before the market closes on Friday.

5. Listen to daily broker reviews

– The main purpose of the broker's advice is to promote his position. This may mean that they will be contrary to the news they posted to get your liquidity. Or they may only need more people to increase their bias.

My tip: Don't be too excited about the broker's tips. Most can't help you. In fact, they can hurt your chances of a successful trade.

6. Lighten your emotions.

– Too many traders trade countless demo accounts, but never really have the feeling of trading their own funds. Then they made a lot of "money" on the demo account. Then they try to trade their own money. They believe that their simulated trading methods will translate into the same success in their real accounts. Unfortunately, most traders discount their emotions, and the final deal is completely different from when they start trading a demo account.

My tip: First, venture capital should equal / only account for 10% of your total capital. Never trade a demo for too long. For example, if your total venture capital is $10,000, you only need to invest $1,000 in your Forex trading account. Then, take the $1000 deal a bit more because you don't have to worry too much [if you lose the entire account, you still have $9000 in trading space].

This will help strengthen your mood and make you a better trader than any ebook or tutoring system. Understanding and managing your physical and mental emotions is the key to your forex trading success.

7. Make a lot of investment in foreign exchange tutors

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on your initial investment to buy a Forex professional trainer or mentor, even if he or she is professional, honest and can engage in full-time online trading. I have been trading with Mike Swanson [free] for more than a month. I found that there are cheaper, more profitable options. I own Free4xLesson.com. I have a real-time trading room, a series of forex-themed webinars every week, I am trading real-time accounts almost every week, ranging from $1000-$10,000], I even have the opportunity to come with some others.

Just for fun, if you have made one [or more] of these 7 errors, please send me a message on Free4xLesson…

How to trade gold, silver, oil and gas ETF funds

In the past two weeks, commodities and stocks have been pouring on the fire, and I think it might be time to take a breather. While I continue to be on standby, it is safe to take time off from the table to lock in profits. Just take a quick look at the chart and we can see the odds of a pause or callback in the next few days. I think one day we can see some profit-taking.

Gold ETF Trading – GLD
The gold ETF is one of my favorite trading tools. Using a simple trend line and looking at recent price movements, you can see that gold prices are preparing for the callback. Buying at this level is chasing, which usually means you are buying at a high position and panicking at a low level.

Silver ETF Trading – SLV
The silver ETF looks the same as gold. I would like to see some horizontal price movements or corrections.

Natural Gas ETF Trading – UNG
In the past six months, the natural gas ETF has undoubtedly given everyone a crazy journey. The bear market still exists and can be seen on the daily chart. So far this week, prices have fallen and trading prices are at $11. In the next few days, this money may generate a buy or sell signal in my trading model, so I wait for a clear entry and exit point before waiting for the gas station.

Crude Oil ETF Trading – USO
The crude oil ETF broke through its resistance trend line this week, but is still trying to break through the August high. The number is falling and the price is rising, which is a bearish indicator. USO will be prepared for this callback because it will digest this breakthrough before breaking up.

GLD, SLV, UNG, USO ETF transaction report during the week
What do the public think and think about the stock market?
From recent emails, local financial news programs, family, friends, etc… All I hear is the strength of the market. The index is hitting a new annual high, and the company's earnings are better than expected this quarter. It sounds like all we have to do is buy something, life will be great!

I believe that the market is the ideal tool to mislead and defeat the public. All my metrics tell me that we need more corrections before the rebound. Markets [smart money] usually expect good news and bad news several weeks in advance [rather than one month]. So the question is:

Has the company's revenue been included in the market? Will all these positive market coverages enable the public to buy at the peak of this possible market?

The answer is that only time will prove everything. No one knows exactly what the market is going to do, but can predict short-term movements relatively high. Don't get me wrong, I am still optimistic about the market, but as all these good news become public information, you have to wonder what the next step is. I still have a long market, but I have to cut my position to lock in profits and still participate.

Trading currency through online forex brokers

Foreign exchange [foreign exchange] is the most extensive market on the planet, usually through an intermediary called a forex broker. Similar to stockbrokers, these agents can also provide advice on foreign exchange trading strategies. Advice to clients typically involves technical analysis and research methods designed to improve the performance of clients' foreign exchange transactions.

Through a large number of large foreign exchange transactions, financial institutions are usually the most influential in the foreign exchange market. Historically, banks have monopoly access to the foreign exchange market, but through the Internet, any foreign exchange speculator can also enjoy 24-hour market access through foreign exchange brokers.

Today, secure Internet connections allow many Forex traders to work from home, where they can access news and other technical advice at any time to determine the foreign exchange position to take. Stockbrokers have taken similar steps and they are also leaving banks and other traditional institutions.

Your demand in the market will affect your choice of forex brokers. Online forex brokers [called house brokers] provide detailed research, advice and simulators for newcomers to the forex market to learn how to use their forex trading tools. Experienced online forex traders will provide in-depth advice under the guidance of other brokerage firms, but will pay less attention to foreign exchange trading guidance based on your assumptions about the foreign exchange market. In order to make an informed choice, it is recommended to try several different online forex brokers and their trading tools to find the one that best suits your needs.

Profitable Forex Trading System – 100% equity for only 10 small points per day?


So you've dealt with confusing trading metrics and tried to figure out the different press releases and their meanings. Suddenly, you will be shocked by your mind: "If I only take 10 points from the market every day and keep 100% equity, then it is easy to make money in foreign exchange trading!" In theory, this sounds Very simple and straightforward, but is such a system practical? Unfortunately, it's not that simple, but by the end of the article, you'll know how to make money in Forex trading.

The problem of such a simple trading system

A common myth in Forex trading is that you need a high winning rate in order to earn a long-term forex trading income. Forex robot marketers are very good at exploiting the illusion of a high-winning system, often promoting 90% or even 95% of the winning rate in advertising materials. The truth is, in the long run, you don't need a high winning rate to make money in Forex trading. In fact, the winning rate of a more profitable foreign exchange trading system is often only 40-60%.

Another feature of profitable foreign exchange trading systems is that they tend to outweigh losses. This is how they compensate for the lower percentage of winning. There is really no point in exchange for small profits because you need as much profit as possible to pay for the inevitable losses. If you limit your daily profit to 10 points, you will lose 50 points or even 100 points of loss day sooner or later, and you will eliminate weeks of profit.

How to really make money in foreign exchange

Obviously, there is no such thing as a forex robot without loss, so forget about 100% victory and 10 points every day. That is the formula for trading failures and disappointments. If your trading performance is poor and you lack a reliable, profitable Forex trading system to earn you a steady flow of Forex trading, then the best way is to use the experience of others in the market. This means identifying profitable systems through research and due diligence. It takes time to find one, but it is worth it.

The key to making money in foreign exchange trading is to have a reliable, profitable foreign exchange trading system and use reliable money management strategies to create lasting foreign exchange trading income. So don't waste time pursuing impossible high percentage wins or small profit margins, because your time is best spent trading with a proven profit system.

Which time frame should you choose to trade, which one is the most profitable?

Most forex traders don't know how or why the foreign exchange price moves, and make critical mistakes in the trading time frame. In this article, we'll look at three popular timeframes and determine which is the best timeframe for trading in your trading strategy.

In the foreign exchange market, all fundamental supply and demand news will be displayed in the price trend, and all traders' opinions will also be displayed, so let us divide the price trend into three time ranges.

Long-term trend

The megatrend of money lasted for weeks to months, reflecting the economic and political health of the country's currency. These large fundamentals change slowly from expansion to contraction, which is why these trends continue for so long.

Medium term trend

Despite the prevalence of large fundamentals in the long run, in the short term, traders' emotions can cause prices to soar or fall, which can be seen in intermediate trends, which may be contrary or opposite to the main trend. Usually, these trends will last for a few days to a week or so.

Short-term trend

This is a behavior within a day, and in fact is not a trend at all, it is simply a random price behavior. Within a day, prices can be seen everywhere.

Which is the best trading time?

It is obvious from the above that the long-term trend of the transaction can obtain the maximum profit with the least amount of work. All you have to do is master the trend and keep the trend – but follow the trend for a long time and only really fit the patience and disciplined traders.

Mid-term trading trends may be very profitable and require less patience and discipline than long-term trading trends. You can make money in two time frames, and the time frame you choose depends on your personality.

I haven't mentioned the day trade, it's the most popular trading time, but it doesn't give you a real chance of success. There is a big industry selling garbage robots, the so-called low-risk day trading and scalping strategies, but they do not make money, and day traders suffer losses.

If you want to win in Forex trading, don't make mistakes that most people make, but for short-term trading – long-term trading, you will have a great chance to get a second income.

Blockchain will change the five ways of ordinary people's lives

As all media advertises cryptocurrency prices, you may want to know how it affects an average person. Blockchain technology is at the heart of cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies.

This technology can solve a variety of industrial and administrative problems encountered by ordinary people. Do you have a small business, but often feel the lack of transparency due to traditional communication methods? Do you end up with higher medical costs than usual? As a business owner, is it troublesome for you to find a legal candidate? These issues affect entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, individuals, and blockchain technology seeks to provide solutions to make life easier for ordinary people through simplified solutions.


Banking in almost all countries is still very focused on paper-intensive transactions to enable any remittance, record keeping or other back-end functions. Blockchain technology can copy it into a digital format and create a decentralized ledger that not only allows the banker but also allows customers to access a single source of information. The system allows banks to eliminate the possibility of fraud because document records and asset ownership certificates can be digitally checked by banks in the blockchain ledger and can be accessed at any time in an unchangeable format.

Identity theft is also a major problem in the banking industry, and citizens are being victimized. Information is stolen and used to open fraudulent accounts for illegal activities. According to the Federal Trade Commission's online complaints database, card fraud and identity theft have received more than 13 million complaints, and only 3 million complaints were filed in 2016. Through the blockchain system, customers can directly view all accounts in their name and immediately notify their respective banks when they find any suspicious activity in their bank details. Some known examples include the IBM-supported Hyperledger Fabric project and UBS's Utility Settlement Coin.

health care

Blockchain technology can simplify healthcare and simplify medical data management in incredible ways. Making patient records widely accessible can make research on drug development more convenient and also reduces the impact of counterfeit drugs. Clinical trials and their results can be obtained in a decentralized network, enabling healthcare professionals and researchers to conduct research and find better healthcare solutions. Accenture is one of the largest companies that have begun to deliver innovative healthcare solutions to the healthcare industry for secure, fraud-free transactions.

Medicare fraud can also be reduced through blockchain billing management because the billing system can be fully automated without any intermediary fraudulent activity. As of 2017, there were more than 56 million people under medical insurance, and fraudulent activities through rehabilitation facilities and family medical services have defrauded more than $1.3 billion in government funds. The blockchain system effectively protects citizens seeking health care from health care providers who charge excessive fees for services offered through fraudulent billing. Centralized data not only helps medical professionals provide treatment based on the patient's and family's medical history, but also eliminates the patient's chances of re-collecting past symptoms or disorders.

Public record

One of the government's most important civic management functions is to record all information about its citizens. This includes information about the assets and activities of individuals and businesses. Most of the recorded information is recorded in a paper database, and even in developed countries, data management is extremely difficult.

A blockchain-based system like Ubitiquity can encode all public records in a digital ledger to prevent data about citizens from being altered due to fraudulent activity. Identity theft is a very difficult problem to solve. For government departments, digitizing all public information to prevent tampering can help prevent such criminal activities.


One of the biggest limitations of the voting system in almost every country is that even today, voters need to appear in the polling station to vote in person, which makes it difficult for people who need to travel on the polling day. More importantly, there is no way to verify the voting results of ordinary citizens.

Blockchain development companies such as Followmyvote are proposing solutions to make online voting a reality. It will allow citizens to publicly view accurate information about rankings, results and various other statistical information about polls. This has also led to a safer vote for national citizens in internal or external conflicts and has completely avoided criminal activities that force citizens to vote for a particular candidate.

Commercial recruitment

It is difficult for companies of all sizes to find the right employees. Through blockchain technology, companies can verify the credentials of all applicants through a digital database. Blockchain technology can be applied to create decentralized databases of certified professionals in secure ledgers that companies can use to recruit candidates. Learning Machines is a New York-based company that addresses this issue with a focus on documenting verifiable information about workers.

As of 2016, tax or employment-related fraud accounts for 34% of all identity theft, and the blockchain system makes the recruitment process safer for any business because the company can only access valid candidates, thereby reducing the employment of fraudulent employees. risks of. It can also help job seekers by speeding up the recruitment process and helping them find their own qualified jobs and making the application process easy and worry-free.

The use of blockchain technology is useful for both individuals and businesses, and protects personal information while making important data publicly visible. While blockchains have the best applications in cryptocurrencies, they can be extended to other areas to provide meaningful solutions to citizens around the world.