Costa Rica Vacation Package – Is there an ideal Costa Rican vacation package?

What is the ideal Holiday Package to Costa Rica? Pretty much anything you can dream of is available in Costa Rica. For a country roughly the size of Vermont and New Hampshire combined, there is an incredible amount of diversity available to any traveler. The geography and the resulting microclimates alone are amazing. From rainforests to cloud forests, Pacific and Caribbean beaches, volcanoes, islands, abundant national parks, and the haunted Central Valley, it's literally something for everyone. What are the holidays you've been dreaming of?

Adrenaline in Demand: The All Out Costa Rica Adventure

Are you happy when you flip or move constantly? There are many ways to satisfy this craving in Costa Rica including: class 4 white water rafting on the Reventazon, bungee jumping over the Colorado Ridge, dramatic waterfall in Arenal, setting out for a canoe tour in the lush Monteverde, hiking into the depths of the breathtaking Corcovado Park, Caribbean sea kayaking, action-guided mountain biking, camping and climbing to the highest peak of Costa Rica's Cyprus, a hard-core boarding trip to Sorcerer Rock and beyond, diving with dolphins off the Osa and Canos Islands . The list goes on …

Beach Bum: Sun and Sand

Looking for the endless summer? Nearly two-thirds of Costa Rica's beaches are beaches. Combine this with whole summer temperatures on average in the 80's and you don't have to look at all. Whether you are looking for a nightlife or a staycation, local culture or surfing culture Costa Rica has it all, and with accommodations to suit every budget / lifestyle. Some key beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula include the lively Tamarind, Malpais, and Montezuma as well as the more secluded Samara, Nosara, Hermosa and Playa Grande. One of the most visited parks and beaches is Manuel Antonio just outside Quepos. Further down you have the rough and seemingly untouched Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula, and on the other side near Gulf Dulce you have the Pan Dulce, and further down the Caribbean Coast the beautiful Manzanillo and Cahuita. All beaches have easy access to many activities and national parks as well.

Connected Easily: The All-Inclusive Vacation

We have heard from many people from different professions, spouses or unmarried people, with or without children, that they love weekly. The highlight is definitely about comfort; everything involves transport to lodging, food and drink, and in many cases activities and tours. The time to relax and feel as if you are really on vacation is minimal, you plunge into ultra-relaxation mode. If you have teens with constant appetites, no problem, with all meals and alcoholic beverages included. Many places have special children’s activities and shows with child care centers for the smaller ones. The resorts are safe, content communities where you don't have to worry about your teenager wandering too far into uninhabited territory. If you want some more flexibility and see some surrounding areas, you can arrange during your visit many different days and half days. Canopy zip line adventures, national park tours, hiking, boating, white water floating to name just a few. You can do as little as you like with all the basics.

I could go on with all the options: spa and water packages, luxury resorts, casino resort experiences, cultural tourism, indigenous focus vacations, eco-naturist vacations, agro packages including organic chocolate plantation in Talamanca, the best ones usual surf packages from beginners to advanced, volcano / mountain / beach combo packages … The list is endless, and the best way to create your ideal trip is to talk to one of our travel agents who lives, works and plays in Costa Rica. Travel designers will listen to your expectations and wishes and get used to designing the Costa Rican Holiday Packages of your dreams!