Daily Forex and Daily News

Assuming the trader is experienced and competent, he will trade himself in the daily foreign exchange market. He can only use automatic assistance during breaks, but to a large extent his trade is likely to be carried out by the seat of the trousers.

All of these independent traders will have different strategies. Some will only use charts to trade, some may trade only by price, while others will use daily news as a metric to indicate their trade.

What happened in 9/11 is an extreme example of how the “Daily News” affects the daily foreign exchange market. On that decisive morning, when most Americans watched the horror of silence and incredible fears, the dollar began to depreciate. Forex traders in the distance noticed the decline and saw the news. When they watched with horror, many people automatically traded the dollar against other currencies and made big money. They immediately bought the pound or the yen. The dollar fell to its lowest point in history, and within a few days, as the dollar began to recover, those traders repurchased much more dollars than they sold. Overall, a trader sold $1 million from the start, and when he bought the dollar, he might end up with $1 million.

Similarly, any unfavorable economic news may have an impact on the currency, forcing it to depreciate against other currencies, during which time it may make a fortune [or lose big money].

This is also the case when there is bad political news or disaster news. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis or severe floods, can also cause currency fluctuations.

  In fact, there is almost no news that will shake the currency speedboats in one day.

For beginners engaged in foreign exchange business, please do not rely solely on news reports for daily foreign exchange transactions. This is my advice to your value – buy an automated system like the one I use, learn from your support team, trade a ticket or simulate a deal in a few weeks, and start a small deal. Do not use leverage until you are very capable.